Sapsan Train: Onboard Experience

Discover what it is like to travel on Russia's fastest train connecting two major cities.

Sapsan High-Speed Train Tickets & Timetable

  • 210 km/h
    Average Speed
  • 12-14
    Daily Departures
  • 3 h 30 min
    Shortest Travel Time
  • 6 seat classes
    Available Coach Classes

Sapsan Story

Sapsan is a branded train made by Siemens in Germany. ​It is the first high-speed train of Russian Railways, which has been used on the Moscow - St. Petersburg route since December 2009. Before Sapsan, the fastest train option between the two capitals took about five and a half hours. Other trains running between Moscow and St. Petersburg are regular overnight trains that take approximately 9 hours.

The name "Sapsan" in Russian means peregrine falcon. The train got its name for the same high-speed characteristics as this raptor bird considered the fastest animal on the planet. That is why the symbol of the train is a red bird.

Inside the Sapsan Train

The Sapsan train meets all safety standards and is made of quality, fireproof, impact-resistant materials and unshatterable glass. ​Sapsans are very modern, comfortable, and soundproof. The design is very well-thought-out with wide aisles and enough space reserved for each traveler. ​On the train, there is sitting accommodation only. All coaches are equipped with toilet facilities (13 per train) and there are large panoramic windows, made of isolated multilayered glass, with sun blinds. Watch the video tour of Sapsan and see it for yourself.

Sapsan Service

Each coach has air-conditioning and heating as well as ample areas for luggage storage and coat hangers.

​Plus there are all amenities for physically challenged passengers, including an accessible toilet and a designated area onboard the coach for wheelchairs. All necessary travel information is displayed on screens in each car. Announcements about upcoming stops are both in Russian and in English.

For the convenience of those traveling with children, onboard there is a special children's zone in car #10. What is more, passengers are allowed to travel with pets in car #8.
​For safety reasons, there is video monitoring of each coach and a security guard is present on every train. ​Also, smoking is completely prohibited onboard.

Sapsan trains also provide the services of booking a hotel, taxi, city tour, car rental, or buying train or airplane tickets right as you go. To do so, head down to coach #6 and a Sapsan employee will assist you.

Sapsan Speed

The high-speed Sapsan train travels at a speed of about 240-250 km/h (149-155 mph) but can reach a maximum speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). Moreover, it was specially designed to run in Russian weather conditions and can even work at -50°C (-58°F). The standard train length of a 10-coach Sapsan is 250 m (820 ft).

Entertainment & Food

To while away travel time pleasantly there are audio and video modules for headphones in each seat.

​Depending on the travel class, there are either 4 TV sets per coach to individual TVs in each seat and different films are shown throughout the way, and you can listen to the radio. Free newspapers are also offered.

​Snacks and drinks can be bought onboard from special carts. The dining car has a bistro where you can order a cold or hot meal too. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase as well. Also it is not prohibited to bring your own snacks and drinks onboard the train if you wish to do so.

Sapsan Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is also available onboard Sapsan trains; for some classes, it's free; for others, it's for an extra charge. Pay attention to the inclusions listed on your Sapsan ticket.