Seat Classes Onboard Sapsan Trains

Discover what it is like to travel on Russia's fastest train connecting two major cities.

Sapsan Train Coach Classes

Sapsan high-speed trains, created by Siemens in Germany, boast six car class types, ranging from Economy Class seats to Conference Cabins. Usually, there are 10 coaches making up the trainset, yet sometimes there is a double trainset allowing to enlarge the passenger capacity from 550 to 1100.

All cars of these modern high-comfort trains come with large panoramic windows, over-seat shelves, luggage storage space, a coat rack, comfortable seats, and ample legroom. ​ Also, there are toilet facilities in each coach. For the convenience of travelers, snacks and drinks are available for purchase both from special movable train carts as well as in the dining car.

Sapsan Seat Classes Scheme

More comfort & privacy
One hot meal | Can carry up to 52 passengers | Prices start at 130 USD
The most comfortable ride
One hot meal | Can carry up to 19 passengers | Prices start at 244 USD
Perfect for 4 travelers
One hot meal + drinks | Private 4 people cabin | Prices start at 765 USD
Seats in economy class
Cheapest option!

Economy Class

No meal inclusions | Can carry up to 64 passengers | Prices start at 84 USD
Good price + one meal

Economy Class +

One meal included | Can carry up to 51 passengers | Prices start at 93 USD
2000 RUB allowance for meals

Dining Class

Dining budget included | Can carry up to 40 passengers | Prices start at 120 USD