Sapsan Train Dining Class

Explore the luxurious blend of speed and comfort on Russia's premier rail journey inside the Dining class

Sapsan Dining Class

Usually, there is one Dining Class coach, also called Restaurant Car, onboard each high-speed Sapsan train. This #5 coach has a Bistro area to purchase snacks, drinks, and hot meals.

​The 40-passenger seats in this car are comfortable and adjustable. The arrangement is four seats around one table.

​The peculiarity of Dining Class tickets is that the ticket price includes a budget of around 2000 Russian Rubles (about 35$ in equivalent) to make purchases of hot meals, snacks, and drinks offered onboard the train; this includes soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
Inside the Dining Class
Explore the seating plan and features of this coach.
  • armrests
  • individual reading lights
  • built-in audio modules
  • budget to spend on menu orders (such as hot meals and beverages) included in ticket price
  • shoe brush machine​
  • adjustable textile seats arranged 2 by 2 around tables
Economy Class Coach Scheme

​​Learn about the Sapsan Dining Class

Get ready for a delicious virtual experience as our representative, Vera, leads you through the exquisite highlights of the Dining class on the famous Sapsan train. Delight your senses and enjoy a tantalizing preview of the gourmet delights, impeccable service, and elegant atmosphere that await you in the Dining class.