Moskovsky Sapsan Station in Saint Petersburg

Find your way around the main Sapsan station in Saint Petersburg

Tour of the Moskovsky Rail Station

Follow the path from the entrance of St. Petersburg's Moskovsky Train Station to the security check procedure to the platform from which the high-speed Sapsan trains depart Moscow.

In St. Petersburg, Sapsan bullet trains depart from the Moskovsky Rail Station (or "Moskovsky Vokzal" in Russian). We have put together everything you need to know about this rail station.

Address: ​85, Nevsky av., St. Petersburg, Russia​
Nearby metro stations: Ploschad Vosstaniya & Mayakovskaya Stations​

Moskovsky Vokzal

The Moskovsky Rail Station is one of the oldest train stations in St. Petersburg that services numerous long-distance train routes. The station has a total of 7 platforms and 14 tracks.

What to find on the station

The Moskovsky Rail Station is one of the oldest train stations in St. Petersburg that services numerous long-distance train routes. The station has a total of 7 platforms and 14 tracks. At the station, you can find a 24/7 ticket office as well as a luggage room where you can store your belongings for a small fee.
Among the station's other facilities are waiting areas, a lounge room, information and help desk, pharmacy, medical room, several shops, cafes as well as post services, phone operators points, taxi ordering and hotel booking services.
Moskovsky Station Scheme

How to board Sapsan

Before boarding a high-speed Sapsan train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, have your printed-out train ticket and ​all your travel documents, including your passport and ID, because they will be required for boarding the train.

Train boarding begins 45 minutes before departure time. It is advisable to arrive at the station no later than 20 minutes before departure.

Upon arrival at the main entrance of the Moskovsky Station and passing the security check, cross the main hall and head for the timetable screens. Keep in mind that all information is in Russian.
For departures info, look at the right screen saying "Отправление." The first column of the table, "№Поезда" contains train number information, and the third column, "Станция назначения" is the arrival destination (which should read "Москва" if you're going to Moscow), the 4th column "Отправление" shows departure time and the next one "Платформа" indicates the platform number.

Then go through the doors below the information screen. You must pass a second security check before boarding a high-speed Sapsan train. There should be a sign saying "Москва" and your train's departure time right in front of the security check doors.

After passing the security check procedure, you arrive at the platform from which your Sapsan train departs. Find your coach number indicated on screens on the train, provide your rail ticket and documents to the train staff, find your seat, and enjoy your ride.
  • Required documents for boarding a Sapsan train:
    • ​​Passport
    • Printed out train ticket

How to get there?

By metro or public transport

If you are planning to go to the Moskovsky Rail Station in St. Petersburg by metro, you can either take the 1st (red) Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Line and exit on the Ploshchad Vosstaniya Station or take the 3rd (green) Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya Line and exit on the Mayakovskaya Station. Both the Mayakovskaya and the Ploshchad Vosstaniya Stations are connected so you can transfer from one line to the other without the need to leave the metro.
The metro stations are located very close to the Moskovsky Vokzal, and it takes less than 5 minutes on foot to reach the station's entrance. Remember that the St. Petersburg metro doesn't work 24/7, and the working hours differ depending on the line and station, with the earliest opening time being 5:30 a.m. and the latest closing time - being 12:45 a.m. ​Below, you can click and enlarge the St. Petersburg metro scheme from the official website.

Also, it is handy to know that you can also take buses #9, #24, and #191 to the Moskovsky Vokzal.
St. Petersburg Metro Scheme
  • Public transport:
    • ​Metro:
    • Ploshchad Vosstaniya Station (red line)
    • ​Mayakovskaya Station (green line)
    • Bus:
    • # 9
    • # 24
    • # 191

By taxi

For those who wish not to use public transport and prefer a taxi ride instead, we have a couple of handy tips to know about before you go.

First and fore-mostly, to avoid an unpleasant experience, we highly insist you do not use the services of uncertified cab drivers without a proper official taxi license. Many such drivers can be very convincing when offering you their services, but we have to warn you that this may be dangerous and cost you a large sum of money which can change in comparison to what you were told when you got in the car.

If you're staying at a hotel, it is best to ask the reception staff to pre-order a taxi. This way, you will be met and taken to your destination promptly.
If you'd like to call a taxi by yourself, remember that not all operators speak English, so it is smarter to use an app in such cases.

​For a safe cab trip in St. Petersburg, we advise using the services of the local Taxovichkof company, which you can reach by phone or via their free app. Uber is also a suggested option.

The average price per 1 kilometer is about 70 Russian Rubles, yet this may change based on the time of the day.

Since St. Petersburg is a large metropolitan city with a high possibility of heavy traffic, it is wise to order a taxi ahead of time and to have enough extra time saved for the commute and probable unforeseen traffic complications.

From the airport

Those planning to come to the Moskovsky Rail Station straight from Pulkovo Airport or vice versa may consider taking a taxi or public transportation. You can read the recommendations for using taxi services in St. Petersburg above.

The connection usually takes about 1 hour, yet be prepared that there might be cases of heavy traffic.
If you choose public transportation, remember that there are no straight connections and you'll need to change transport.

As an option, take a bus (for instance, bus number 13) to the nearest Moskovskaya metro station, which is part of the 2nd (blue) Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya Line, then on the Tekhnologichesky Institut Station transfer to the 1st (red) Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Line and exit on the Ploshchad Vosstaniya Station.
  • Public transport:
  • ​Bus:

    • ​# 13 to the metro
  • Metro:

    • Moskovskaya​ Station (blue line) to the station Tekhnologichesky Institut and transfer to the red line