Sapsan Train Economy Class

Explore the luxurious blend of speed and comfort on Russia's premier rail journey in the Economy class

Sapsan Economy Class

Each of the high-speed Sapsan train's Economy Class cars are designed to carry 64 passengers.

​In general, there are six Economy Class coaches per train. The number of coaches multiplies by two if the trainset is doubled.

The seats are adjustable, have armrests and footrests. For entertainment passengers can listen to the radio or watch films on one of the four TV sets.

Meals are not included in the ticket price for an Economy Class seat ticket but snacks and drinks can be purchased separately onboard. There are also two power sockets available per coach.
Inside the Economy Class
Explore the seating plan and features of this coach.
  • comfortable adjustable textile seats arranged two by two
  • armrests and footrests (except table seats)
  • individual reading lights
  • foldable tables
  • built-in audio modules
  • four TV sets per coach
Economy Class Coach Scheme

​​Learn about the Sapsan Economy Class

Embark on a delightful virtual tour as our representative, Vera, takes you on an exciting journey through the remarkable features of Economy class on board the renowned Sapsan train. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed as we provide you with an in-depth preview of the exceptional experience awaiting you in Economy class.